Pamela Frank

The path is the movement, the map within the body’s experience. The course is decided by emotion, and the rhythm set by the soul. If we find the coordinates, the destination will inevitably be art.
That’s where I’m going…
Are you coming with me?

Who am I?

I am an artist and a trainer…

I am passionate about creating spaces where people can connect with their emotions, and art has always been the perfect ally.

Throughout my life I have come to understand that education is the great path to evolution. I have dedicated myself to studying how to connect dance, communication and training in order to accompany people in processes of transformation.

I believe in interdisciplinarity, in the colours of diversity and the depth of truth. Consequently, these are the pillars that support my works and my classes.

I am a choreographer and teacher by profession. I have an undergraduate degree in Public Relations and completed a Postgraduate program in trans-disciplinary and transcultural health, art, body and performance.

I trained in dance, performing arts, and musical comedy with different teachers across Argentina, Europe and the USA.

I am the director of the PF Educational Project, Pre-season for Dancers, and the PF Art Space. All three of which train dance artists across Argentina and abroad.

I was a TEDx presenter, speaking on conceptions of dance training and the creative process.

I created and directed the following works:

A.R.D.E (2019)
LAZOS (2016- 2017)
(Des) Borde 720 (2020)

I choreographed the play Quereme así… Piantao (starring Maximiliano Guerra and Patricia Bacca) and was awarded with the ‘Gobbi de Oro’ (2015) for my contribution to Tango.

I have cultivated great experience in empowering young people in search of their vocation through various social justice projects. This has been made possible through linking the cultural and the institutional, and the ties forged by art and solidarity.

I taught the Play and Drama Workshop at the National University of La Matanza for 10 years. I have a series of intensive training techniques to work through self-awareness and self-esteem with students. Together, we develop the power, liberation and expansion of each individual.

I have participated as a guide in wellness retreats since 2020. Emotional Experiences is a health and wellness retreat for artists who do not work as professional dancers but enjoy being in dance spaces. In 2021 I completed a Postgraduate extension program at the National University of Cordoba, Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Health Promotion: Arts, body, performance, decolonisation, gender(s) and wellbeing.

For the last 8 years I have been a judge on panels at different national and international dance competitions and congresses. I have gained extensive experience travelling and getting to see the dancers’ realities and that of their dance schools. It is for this reason, I decided to create activities, meetings, seminars and organisations, all working to support the training of young artists and their teachers. My hope is to promote the strengthening and development of dance in Argentina.

During 2021 I began a seminar especially formatted for children called Proyecto Vuelo (Project Flight). I am currently running a choreographic project called Montaje12, for young performers from different artistic areas. Both are training programs that bring students closer to the professional reality, inviting them to have their first experience on stage.

Currently, I am travelling between Argentina and Australia. I am working on new choreography proposals and exploring movement and its diversity when penetrated by different histories and cultures. I’m building projects that pair dance with the goal of introducing the kind of reflection that contributes to the common good in society.

I continue to research best practice in the development of an innovative way to enable a spiritual (re)evolution through art and education…

“Art unites us. Calling us in with its diversity, inviting us to enjoy all the variables that make up the game of creating. With colours, dance, music and the endless possibilities that exist only in the world of creation…”

“I believe in interdisciplinarity, in the colours of diversity and the depth of truth. These are the pillars that support my works and my classes.”


As a choreographer, I believe that the creation of a work or choreographic piece is born by a restlessness. One that moves something within me to a tune still unknown.

The composition is an invitation to a new world, a blank stage. It’s built with each piece that I meticulously choose to comprise each scene. More than a scene, it is an experience.  A work that has to be an experience worth living, for both performers and audience.

It is not “what” I want to tell that drives the creative movement, but “how” I am going to do it.

Each decision when creating a work is an exciting adventure. It’s never the same. All born from the same womb, though nourished in different ways.

“Soon the choreography will emerge from the womb, transiting its own destiny. Each time it is held by the public, the experience will be unique and unrepeatable…”


“To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge… Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning.” Paulo Freire.

I fervently believe that education is an encounter, a nexus, a constant back and forth.

The difficult part isn’t teaching. It’s showing a student that they are capable of anything.

In my classes, I give tools to enhance the dancing of each person who attends. I like dancers to be immersed in my language, but by the end of the course always being able to find themselves holding attitudes that empower them.

Teaching to believe is the biggest challenge. And because the only way to create is through believing, it is here where I direct my energies.


In 2015, I created a professional training program aimed at jazz dancers hoping to become teachers, or those whose dance schools were fully enrolled and were looking to perfect their teaching method.

The main goal is to train dancers. Through organising and updating their knowledge of the discipline, we will improve the training of all students in practice and theory. Moreover, seeking to innovate our teaching methods.

The values that drive this project are to share advanced techniques in pedagogy, and to support teachers in the process. Providing access to information without barriers, and making sure knowledge reaches all parts of the country.

At present, 21 professional schools in Argentina and Uruguay are part of the program.


Especially designed for young dancers who need to start off the year with an extra dose of energy.

This event takes place annually during summer. A dance retreat created so that participants can take classes with leading jazz, contemporary, and urban teachers, as well as other complementary disciplines.

Two or three days in nature, sharing the space with other dancers who come from different parts of Argentina and neighbouring countries.

It is an exchange of knowledge and feelings that revolutionises the beginning of the year for everyone who participates.

Moving Experiences

A project born during the pandemic in response to the need to express oneself through movement in a limited space. I designed a format that provides movement exercises to work through emotion. Moving Experiences is aimed at all types of participants.

Project Flight

A seminar for children where teachers from different disciplines (dance, theatre, body expression) are invited to deliver a comprehensive training. Duration is flexible (1-3 months), and Project Flight culminates with the recording of a professional dance video.

Montaje 12

An integrated training project, consisting of 12 hours of training and development. Its goal is to prepare young performers from different artistic areas. Working with them through movement and theatricality, and the staging of a minor work.

Dance knocks, holds, embraces and rises…

It knocks. Putting before you the things that you sometimes don’t want to see.

It holds. It is the sense of a movement, not the form, that makes a good dancer.

It embraces. When it might seem impossible to hold such big emotions, remember that you have your own arms. You only need to learn to embrace yourself.

It rises. Making you fly through infinity to later return to your feet and somehow understand life a little more…

The possibility of choosing how we move, makes us free in our dance. But above all, it frees our ways of living and being.

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